Web Design and WordPress

Communicating, Designing, and Developing with you!

Your site will feature artistically designed layouts that merge beauty with functionality. We have been working with companies and individuals on website design since 2002. Based here in the USA, we are deeply rooted in the latest technologies to bring website integration to social media as well as provide a platform where you can manage your own content going forward.

WordPress Fan-boys

Yup, we’re pretty much crazy fanatics about WordPress. We’ve found our “best practice” is to use WordPress as our design platform. WordPress gives us the infrastructure to wrap design and integration around. And it’s way more than just blogging software. Check out the WordPress showcase for ideas!

Here’s some of the reason’s we like WordPress:

  •  It’s FREE. Yes. Free.
  • Thousands of widgets and plugin’s available for customizing and expanding your website’s functionality.
  • Hundreds of Free and Premium GPL themes to choose from – or let us design a custom theme for you.
  • “Responsive” themes which automatically format to the device that’s visiting – so your website looks and works great on iPads, Kindles, cell phones, and other devices.
  • Easy to install – most hosting companies such as Hosting Matters, Godaddy, and more, have a one button install of WordPress.
  • Edit your content 24/7 with changes immediately viewable by your visitors.
  • Easy integration with your existing social media feeds, such as Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and more.

Please feel free to contact us for a free initial website consultation and estimate on your project.

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