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Postion:Product Catalog >Chemical Reagents>Organic reagents>Siloxane>Allytrimethoxysilane; Z 6825;CFS-839

Allytrimethoxysilane; Z 6825;CFS-839

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Package 1KG
  • Min. Order:1KG
  • Supply Ability:20MT/month
  • Release date:2020-02-07

Product Details

  • Product Name: Allytrimethoxysilane; Z 6825;CFS-839
  • CAS No.:2551-83-9
  • EC-No.:219-855-8
  • Min. Order:1KG
  • Purity:min96%
  • Supply Ability:20MT/month
  • Release date:2020/02/07
CFS-839, Allytrimethoxysilane
CFS-839, Allytrimethoxysilane is a coupling agent and allylation reagent with excellent
functionality. It is mainly used for chemicals synthesis and the modification of special rubber
Typical Properties:
Chemical Name:Allytrimethoxysilane
Cas No.:2551-83-9
Appearance:Clear liquid
Purity:min 96%
CFS-839 can be used as a reagent for the synthesis of organic intermediates and compounds.
CFS-839 can be used to enhance the bonding performance of fluoro silicone rubbers and fluoro
rubber with metal and other materials, with excellent bonding strength and stability.
CFS-839 can be used as an additive for unsaturated polyester and acrylic resin, glass fiber
modifier, and crosslinking agent of high-density polyethylene.
CFS-839 can be used as a rubber agent for the modification of special rubber products.
CFS-839 is offered in 25L PE pails, 200L PVF steel drums and 1000L IBC totes.
Please contact Co-Formula team for any special packaging request.
CFS-839 should be stored in a cool, well-ventilated place, and avoid exposure to humidity.
CFS-839 should be stored in its original containers and used up asap after opening.
When stored in a strictly sealed and unopened container, CFS-839 has a shelf life of 12months.

Company Profile Introduction

A professional organic silicone solutions provider in China. Specializing in functional silicone materials over a decade. Four production lines, including functional silanes, siloxanes, polymers and additives. Three production sites in Hubei, targeting sustainable growth through technology innovation. Two collaborating labs in Wuhan, engaged in R&D, scale-up and mass production of specialty silicones.

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  • Since: 2017-05-25
  • Address: Jingkai Future City,Longyang Avenue, Wuhan, Hubei
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