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Nantong Haigine Pharma Technology Co., Ltd., founded in April 2019, is a technology-driven innovative enterprise focusing on developing and manufacturing of intelligent synthetic equipment, green reaction processes and pharmaceutical raw materials, and providing chemicals and customized development and production services for global pharmaceutical enterprises. The company has independently developed its own vortex flow reactor for conducting gas, liquid and solid full-phases chemical reactions. This reactor technology can be applied in the manufacturing processes of various pharmaceuticals and its intermediates due to its effectiveness in dealing with extremely strong exothermic reactions and heterogeneous reactions and solving scale-up issue of chemical reaction process. This technology has the advantages of small floor area, high degree of automation, adjustable reaction and so on, which makes up for the performance gap between the traditional stirred reactor, tubular reactor and micro-reactor. It can meet the diversified needs of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, which become one of the development directions of the intelligent upgrading of pharmaceutical manufacturing. Dr. Guang Li, the general manager of Haigine company, is a senior expert in the field of chemical engineering. He has been committed to the research and industrial application of green chemistry, process intensification and new reactor technologies for more than ten years. In recent years, he has led his team to focus on the application of advanced intelligent reactor technologies in pharmaceutical industry to raise the level of R&D and manufacturing, improve the production efficiency of pharmaceuticals and intermediates and promote the safety, environmental protection and sustainability of the pharmaceutical industry. He has successfully developed continuous nitrification technology, continuous cyanidation technology, continuous hydrogenation technology and continuous oxidation technolog

Enterprise Basic Information

Enterprise Certification

Type of Enterprise: Company Limited
Legal Representative: Wei li
Registered Capital: RMB 10 Million
Founded Date: 2019-04-17
Registered Address: Room201, Building 4, 299 Xingyuan Road Hi-tech Zone Nantong
Term of Validity: 2019-04-17—2039-04-16
Business Scope: Technology development, technical consultation, technology transfer, and technical services in the fields of medical technology, chemical technology, biotechnology, and mechanical equipment; sales of first-class medical devices, mechanical equipment, and chemical products (except hazardous chemicals); computer software development and sales; Mechanical equipment leasing; engineering management services; construction labor subcontracting; self-operated or agent import and export business of various commodities and technologies (except for commodities and technologies that are restricted or prohibited by the state). (Projects that must be approved in accordance with the law can only be operated after approval by the relevant department.
Staff number: 10-50 People
Number of R & D department: 10-20
Annual turnover: RMB 5 million-10million
Main consumer market: University  Research InstituteL  Pharmaceutical factory  Fine chemical plant  trading company 
Main marketing location: United States  Japan  India  South Korea  Germany 
Main product or service: nitrification,oxidation,cyanidation,hydrogenation


Marketing : Nantong Haigine Pharma Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: Room206, Building4, 299 Xingyuan Road, Hi-tech Zone Nantong,Jiangsu
Area: 200 square meters
Pictures of scenes:
Marketing : Haigine Pharma R&D Research Center
Address: Room205, Building4, 299 Xingyuan Road, Hi-tech Zone Nantong,Jiangsu
Area: 300 square meters
Equipment: Microchannel reactor, rotary evaporator, reaction
Pictures of scenes:
  • Microchannel reactor
  • rotary evaporator
  • reaction kettle
  • high and low temperature circulation system
Marketing : Haigine Pharma Cooperative Factory
Address: Jining,shandong
Area: 20000 square meters
Equipment: enamel reactor and stainless steel reactor
Pictures of scenes:
  • 500-10000L enamel reactor and 500-3000L stainless
  • totaling more than 80 sets.equipped with high tem
  • high pressure reactor
  • ultra-low temperature reactor
Brief description : Haigine Pharma's quality management system is under the direct responsibility of the general manager, and the quality management department is set up under it to perform the quality inspection, quality supervision and management functions in strict accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations, so as to ensure the quality of products and services. The quality management department is responsible for monitoring the whole process of raw material supplier evaluation, raw and auxiliary ma
Quality inspection equipment: high performance liquid chromatograph, gas chromat
  • high performance liquid chromatograph
  • gas chromatograph
  • moisture analyzer
Certificate of accreditation: CNAS180116
  • collaboration with a third party
Brief description : Haigine Pharma has stable cooperative factories in Shandong, with 500-10000L enamel reactor and 500-3000L stainless steel reactor, totaling more than 80 sets. It is equipped with high temperature kettle, high pressure reactor, ultra-low temperature reactor, distillation device and high vacuum system.
Pictures of scenes:
Staff composition for example: Dr. Guang Li has been engaged in advanced chemical reactors and their application in functional powder material preparation, drug synthesis and other fields for a long time, including reactor engineering, hydrodynamics experiment and numerical simulation, process intensification and micro-nano powder material preparation, flow chemical reaction, drug synthesis and crystallization, etc. He has successfully developed multiple types of reactor technologies include ultrasonic impinging flow reactor,
Professional skills: Full Phase Continuous Flow Intelligent Reactor Continuous nitrification Technology Continuous oxidation technology Continuous cyanidation Technology Continuous hydrogenation technology
Pictures of scenes:
  • Intelligent manufacturing makes pharmaceutical res
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